Experience yourself what makes Curacao so special! Exclusive beaches, spectacular dive sites, unique architecture and attractions, adventures for everyone. In addition, the multicultural society is responsible for a variety of styles in fascinating music, cooking and art. Enjoy the best the Caribbean has to offer: Curaçao.

The location in the tropics, just 12° north of the Equator, gives Curacao a warm and sunny climate the whole year. The average temperature is about 27°C.Whether you are here because of the sun or for business, there is a wide selection of beaches from intimate rocky coves, high cliffs or long, broad sandy beaches at the edge of the nature; as well as vibrant life full of activity and liveliness.

Curacao offers some of the best diving spots in the world. The beautiful dive sites promise an underwater world so colourful and inspiring, that it is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.

A visit to Willemstad brings together old and new culture. The architecture of this bustling port city, the activities and the vibrant neighbourhoods form the historic centre of the island. Curacao’s interesting past is brought back to life through the beautiful architecture of the island, everywhere, but especially in the capital, Willemstad.

The ethnic population of Curaçao, the Arawak Indians, Dutch, Spanish, Antilleans, Latin Americans and Africans – have left a special heritage and created a vibrant culture. The Dutch influence on Curacao is felt not only in the colonial buildings, but also in daily life everywhere.The African culture is proud, the island of Curacao is transfused with it. The small Jewish community has had a great influence on the politics, economy and culture of the island of Curacao, from the moment when it has placed a foot on the island, fled from persecution and in search of a safe haven.

The Carnival in Curacao is one of the largest and longest in the Caribbean – the festival starts in early January and ends up in late February/March. Curacao has many appropriate entertainment offerings and is open to gay travellers. Come visit us and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

Discover the hidden treasure of the Caribbean and let yourself be seduced by the fantastic dive sites, pearly white beaches, hospitable culture and exciting outdoor activities. Book today your trip to Curacao.